Interview: Trine 2 and Beyond- Exclusive With Frozenbyte

Interview: Trine 2 and Beyond- Exclusive With Frozenbyte -2-

THGTR: Well, can we say that the partnership with Atlus will bring Trine franchise to Xbox 360 platform? Maybe this can give you the opportunity to publish Trine 2 with the first game in one pack for Xbox owners. :p

Lauri Hyvärinen: While no official announcements have been made, we can say that we want to release our games to a large audience. So with Trine 2, there is a chance that it will be released on more platforms than the original Trine.

THGTR: In the debut trailer of Trine 2, it’s mentioned that “the Trine is calling our heroes once again”. Maybe you can share some tidbit details with us to destroy our insatiable curiosity.

LH: Well, the kingdom is again at the edge of destruction, and Trine needs our heroes to save the kingdom! That said, the threat does not come from the same direction or from the same source, so it’s an all-new adventure.

Trine 2 SS4

In Trine 2, our heroes are also getting new cool skills.

THGTR: As we understand from the trailer, soundtrack is being composed by Ari Pulkkinen and the same voice actors will accompany again. But the thing is; will there be any different story telling and game design elements in Trine 2?

LH: Yes, Ari is again doing the soundtrack and we were also very happy with the original English cast, so it’s likely most of them are the same, at least the narrator is. The game will introduce a lot more polished story and some fresh cut-scene technics, and we have in general put a lot more effort into it, so Trine 2 will definitely be a blast story-wise also!

THGTR: Well, will there be any new skills for our heroes? Ok, we don’t expect a fireball spell for Amadeus of course; but shall we expect some new gameplay mechanics? Maybe a new character?

LH: We had some talk about a fourth character, but we decided to stick to the original trio in order to be able to polish their abilities to perfection. Each character will get new abilities, for example Zoya gets (the Thief) a time-slowing ability, which slows down the environment but not the characters. This will provide some very neat puzzle solving possibilities for sure!

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