Interview: Trine 2 and Beyond- Exclusive With Frozenbyte

Trine was one of the most surprising games of the year 2009. Above all, it was an impressing experience for the gamers of every age with epic fairytale feeling of its great narration and visual depth. Moreover Trine builds its gameplay greatness on unique puzzle mechanics with strong contribution of physics.

Our first interview with Lauri Hyvärinen, the CEO of Frozenbyte and designer of Trine, was approximately 3 months ago and that time we, the gamers hadn’t known the storm coming and to be honest he did a great job and didn’t spill the beans about their upcoming big surprise. This  surprise was going to remain as a mystery till June…

As you’ve already known from the great announcement just before E3 2010, the surprise was Trine 2 and it should be the revenge chance for us to get some cool details about the game. We loaded our most powerful weapons with old womanish questions and fired it directly to Helsinki, Finland… Frozenbyte headquarters of course!

Trine 2 SS1

Trine 2 is coming... With epic narration and great gameplay mechanics of course.

Now, Lauri Hyvärinen is answering our questions once again, and believe me we have some cool answers jam packed with new details this time (even a possibility of level editor). We won’t focus just on Trine 2 though. Future projects, E3 impressions and humble thoughts on Alan Wake (as you know Remedy is a Finnish developer) are also on our menu…

THGTR: Our last interview was two months ago and so much good things have happened since then. First of all I would like to congratulate you for the partnership with Atlus, the publisher behind Demon’s Souls.

Lauri Hyvärinen: Thank you! We are also very excited and happy to work with Atlus, so far they have  been great and we believe this co-operation will result in a great game!

THGTR: I’m wondering if this partnership is only for Trine 2 or it’s embracing your future projects as well?

LH: The current deal only covers Trine 2, but of course if things go well it will have a strong influence on our future deals as well.

THGTR: You mentioned an utterly new IP in our last interview, and thus we postponed our hopes for Trine 2 to another sunrise. But the good news arrived before E3 2010, and to be honest the announcement of Trine 2 was a great surprise for us. But I’m still curious about the other project. Is that project still running? Maybe you can share some details about it.

LH: Yes, we have a smaller team working on another project, which is a new IP. The project should come out in 2011 also, and we are currently finalizing some important things related to this. While we consider Trine 2 to be our “bigger” project internally, the other game is also getting all the love and attention it needs to be a great game. We should be ready to announce the title during the fall of 2010, so be prepared for someting totally different!

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