Exclusive Interview With Trine Developer Frozenbyte

Exclusive Interview With Trine Developer Frozenbyte – 2

THGTR: Our interview will focus on Trine; but I would say that as a big fan of Alien Breed style shoot’em up games, I’d played your first commercial game Shadowgrounds enthusiastically. Especially music scores which composed by Ari Pulkkinen and performed by Amen from Lordi was in a great harmony with the game concept. However, Shadowgrounds has been criticised by lots of people with its problems in checkpoint system and level design. Most of these problems solved in Shadowgrounds Survivor which released 2 years after the first game with new game dynamics such as RPG elements etc. But I would like to know your opinion on Shadowgrounds as a debut commercial game.

Lauri Hyvärinen: Of course when you look back into 2005 from here there’s a great number of things we might do otherwise now, for example online multiplayer and the checkpoint and save systems. But back then doing Shadowgrounds as a debut game was not a bad thing at all and we are proud of what we achieved with our limited resources and lack of experience. It’s still a good game as a whole and we’re happy about it. 🙂

Shadowgrounds Survival SS

Shadowgrounds is a top down shooter series with two games.

THGTR:  Let’s continue with Trine. Trine was frankly the most impressing game of the last year for our team and it was not only the best platform game in 2009 but also one of the most deep game experience of the last few years for all of us. At this point, we are wondering how the idea of making Trine appeared.

LH: Trine’s original concept was created by our producer, but many of his ideas changed dramatically during the last 18 months of development. Ultimately Trine was a great team effort and many ideas have shaped its final form thanks to the whole development team who poured their heart and soul into the game, creating its fairytale look and feel.

THGTR: I can say that I had the taste of Blizzard’s classic The Lost Vikings while playing Trine.  What was your main source of inspirations while creating this great game?

LH: Each of our team members had their own sources of inspiration, and the very original idea came from as far as the MSX era. That said, comparison to Lost Vikings is something that we definitely like to hear, because it’s a very nice game.

THGTR: An epic story beautified with gorgeous musics, entertaining puzzles and platform game elements with great effect of physics engine, spirited characters and maybe the most important one; spectecular visuals with spellbinding art direction… What do you want to say about challanges you’d faced while creating this game?

LH: We are used to saying that with Trine everything in the project failed except the final result. In other words, the challenges included everything that you can imagine, from financial to artistic, from development time to technical, from design to simple employee satisfaction. At some point the company was very close to being liquididated by the local tax authorities, so it sure was hell of a ride!

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