Exclusive Interview With Trine Developer Frozenbyte

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a kingdom was prospering. But peace could only last so long.

The old king died. With no descendant to the throne, the kingdom fell into chaos. Lust for power blinded warriors and wizards alike. New kings emerged only to fall the next day. But madness of men would soon be overshadowed by a greater evil. The magic that once gave life and good fortune had transformed into something sinister…

Trine Screenshot 5

Trine is a splendid platform game that combines nice puzzles and epic narrative.

With no doubt, Trine was once of the most surprising game of last year. It was an impressing experience for lots of gamers of every age with fairytale feeling of its great narrative and visual depth; as well as its nice game mechanics with strong contribution of physics. Even more this epic journey retrieved Turkish language support on April as you know already.

So we decided to make an interview with Frozenbyte, the developer of Trine. This is not only on Trine of course; we have some questions about Shadowgrounds, the very first game of Frozenbyte, future projects and current situation of independent game industry.

Let’s make long story short; Lauri Hyvärinen, Frozenbyte CEO and designer of Trine, is answering our humble questions…

THGTR: First of all I would like to say hello and thanks for your interest. I’ll make a brief introduction about your company at the beginning of course. But let’s begin our interview by hearing Frozenbyte from Frozenbyte. Can you make a brief history of your company for our readers.

Lauri Hyvärinen (Frozenbyte): We are currently some 28-strong game company based in Helsinki, Finland. Our origins lie in 2001, when a couple of gaming enthusiasts without any prior game industry experience founded the company. Our first two games, the Shadowgrounds franchise, were top-down shooters for PC, and now with Trine we have finally moved to console platforms as well, and currently we have a strong focus on all downloadable channels, namely PC (Steam in particular), PSN and XBLA.

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