Exclusive Interview With Lead and Gold Developer Fatshark

Exclusive Interview With Lead and Gold Developer Fatshark – 3

Lead and Gold 3

THGTR: For me Lead and Gold is a combination of different mechanics from different games that can create its own gaming experience. But most of the people have called Lead and Gold as “Team Fortress 2 meets Wild West”. It’s mostly because of the artistic design I guess, but we would like to hear your thoughts on this.

FS: It is an honor to be mentioned togheter with TF2. Valve’s games have been a great inspiration for us. The game plays very different from TF2 but it is a similar art style and the HUD colors usually remind people of TF2.

THGTR: Well, what are the main challanges that you’ve faced while creating this game?

FS: The main challenge is to reach out as a smaller independent developer. Another great challenge has been to educate people to pick servers with low ping or otherwise create new servers. This will be easier when the dedicated servers go live soon.

THGTR: Synergy system is a great mechanic that forces the players to cooperate more. Also in-game rank system deepens that mechanics, especially it’s not creating huge gaps between newbies and veterans by resetting at the end of each game. But we would like to know that if you are considering a different system for more dedicated players who play the game at regular base. Such as integrating a system that gives players to chance to unlock some titles by completing some in-game challanges and collecting experience points?

FS: We have discussed that and it is on our internal wishlist. We would like to add some degree of customization of the characters and later possibilities to unlcok new hats and weapons. But it is always a matter of resources. Dedicated servers has been our main focus along with.

Fatshark Office 2

By the way Fatshark has already started to work on Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2.

THGTR: Sometimes I’m stopping by the forums and coming up loads of ideas from players especially for additional content for the game. Even I’ve seen an idea of a new class that debuffs enemy team members named “prostitute”. I’m sure you are chasing those ideas and suggestions as much as you can. But we would like to know if we can expect an additional content for the game in the near future. Like new game modes and new classes alongside new maps or character customization features like TF2. I really would like to see a stagecoach robbery or a duel mode, as well as a Blaster with cone on his head. 😛  

FS: Hehe. Actually there will be a content patch/DLC next Wednesday (12th May) hopefully. A new level and a new game mode as well and some other updates. We are planning for continuos updates!

THGTR: Last time we’ve talked dedicated servers were on the way. Are we gonna be able to see dedicated server support anytime near?

FS: Yes the dedicated servers are almost done. We just need to test them. We had an issue with firewalls which should be sorted now so hopefully very soon!

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