Exclusive Interview With Lead and Gold Developer Fatshark

Exclusive Interview With Lead and Gold Developer Fatshark – 2

Martin Wahlund Fatshark CEO

Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark

THGTR: First of all i would like to thank to you for your interest and say hello behalf of Turkish gamers. I’ll make a brief introduction about your company at the beginning of course. But let’s begin our interview by hearing Fatshark from Fatshark. Can you make a brief history of your company for our readers.

Fatshark: Fatshark was founded from a company called Northplay in 2008. Northplay started out in 2003 and has been working as subcontractors for various swedish developers. Lead and Gold was our first own game. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 will be the next one up for release that we do for Capcom. We are currently 35 people on Fatshark.

THGTR: We are also wondering that if there is a special meaning in Fatshark name.

FS: Yeah it is a stupid direct translation from the swedish “to understand” or “to get it”.

THGTR:  Congratulations for your first game Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West has released in previous weeks. How did you come to the idea of making a multiplayer focused game with Wild West concept which hasn’t been exploited enough by the genre of war games?

FS: Thanks a lot. Well we saw there was a lack of good western games and it also was a good fit with the game we wanted to make. The lower accuracy of the weapons is a good match to the up close fights we wanted to create. We all love play together with friends or version othe rplayers of the Internet so some kind of multiplayer felt right!

Fatshark Office 1

Fatshark team is working...

THGTR: The game is great joy for us here, and if we look at the general opinion of gaming editors worldwide; it’s safe to say Lead and Gold is a critically acclaimed game. But besides we are wondering what’s the situation of sales figures?

FS: We haven’t gotten the sales figures yet but it looks promising. The big advantage with digitally distributed games is that you can update them all the time and release new content to get new players hooked all the time.

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