Exclusive Interview With Lead and Gold Developer Fatshark

Western concept hasn’t been exploited enough by game developers lately, especially in multiplayer context. So as a gamer who is standing aloof from this concept because of John Wayne’s favorite pose of “I don’t shoot anyone from behind“; even I can beg for some new titles with Wild West concept. If we accept Outlaws, which released in 1997, as a turning point; it’s hard to say that there has been loads of good titles except Call of Juarez series. Perhaps we can add Dead Man’s Hand, which is embellished by Calexico’s great compositions and Red Dead Revolver despite it’s weak story telling. But to be honest we all would like to have a multiplayer focused game which we could experience the chaos of the Wild West. Thanks to Swedish developer Fatshark, they have released Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and we’ve found ourselves in Old West, surrounded by fanning revolvers…

Lead and Gold 6

Despite it has very similar visual design to Team Fortress 2; Lead and Gold can create it's own experience.

Even though Lead and Gold is the debut game from Fatshark; this talented team had also worked on Bionic Commando and Tom Clancy’c Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter projects. And today Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark, is answering our questions. Moreover those questions are not only about Lead and Gold. New projects, BitSquid’s new DirectX 11 supported game engine and current situation of gaming industry are also on our agenda today.

So let’s kick on…

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