Exclusive Interview: Total War: Shogun 2

Exclusive Interview: Total War: Shogun 2 -2-

Total War Shogun 2 DuelloTHGTR:  Since Empire: Total War you are using Steamworks for Total War games. Of course we can guess the reason of this choice but nonetheless we would like to hear from you. Why are you using Steam?

Craig: Simply put, Steam offers us a lot. It offers us a lot in terms of matchmaking and multiplayer stats, so the multiplayer guys love it. It also makes sense commercially – Steam gives us a big visibility platform and allows us to distribute our games into territories where perhaps it isn’t possible to otherwise reach.

THGTR:  As a course of its nature there are less unit types in Shogun 2 comparing to other Total War games. So what is your plan to make the game more intriguing multiplayerwise? Can we say that we will have less balance issues and this makes the multiplayer experience more dynamic?

Craig: Balance is a big deal for us, yes. Expect the multiplayer elements of the game to be fun, first and foremost, and extensive. Hopefully it’ll also prove to be the most balanced multiplayer experience to date.

For the first time in a Total War game, we’ve been tracking play internally using a series of in-game metrics to find out how people are playing and how their units are performing against other units. We use this information to help with balancing.

THGTR: What are the additional content possibilities for Shogun 2? Do you have any DLC plans right after the release?

Craig: I think it’s safe to say we’ll be doing something DLC-wise after Shogun 2. Quite what, you’ll have to wait and see…

Total War: Shogun 2 Strateji HaritasıTHGTR: Artistic design is one of the most important elements of the video games for sure. At this point Jeff Van Dyck has great meaning with his awesome compositions. On the other hand there are great artworks with ukiyo-e. Can you tell us more about how this artistic design created?

Craig: Shogun 2 is an art-led project from start to finish. Everything you see in the game, the UI, the front end, the soundtrack – all of that is inspired and influenced by Japanese culture.  Our artists internally did a great job of capturing the look and feel of Japan in everything from the night battles, with mountainous terrain, dripping rain and dazzling lightning, right through to the cherry blossom lingering on the breeze.

My favourite art feature is the 2D/3D campaign map. As you explore new areas, a paper map of Japan melts away, replaced by a dynamic, 3D Japanese landscape. It looks great.

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