Exclusive Interview: Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2 is going to hit shelves on 15th March. In other words, the Total War legend, which began in Japan Islands 11 years ago, is going to sail off towards this land once again. So on the verge of this great day we made an interview with  SEGA Europe’s Total War Community Manager Craig Laycock.

Total War: Shogun 2 Hücum

THGTR: First of all we would like to say a warm hello from Turkey.  We’ll try to ask the questions unasked instead of the questions that repeated thousands times before.

We are waiting the release date of Shogun 2 for so long, and now only two weeks left. Aside our happiness, we would like to know your feelings.

Craig: We’re excited. This is the best time for us. Although it’s the hardest part of any project, finishing a game is a big deal and we can’t wait to let people play it. Release day is the culmination of a lot of work, and getting the game out there onto the streets and seeing what people think is a great reward to us.

THGTR: For Total War fans first love is always special. But for some players events in Japanese Islands may not be that interesting for the second time. So what did you do to make this second Shogun game interesting to all players?

Craig: Shogun 2 is fairly true to the original game, but we’ve also added in a lot of stuff that we’ve developed gameplay-wise over the past ten years that really benefit the title. The most significant two additions are the RPG-esque skills system and the multiplayer modes.

The new skills tree system allows you to customise the skillset of all of your characters on the campaign map – from agents to generals, each of which have their own skill tree. No two playthroughs will be alike.

On the multiplayer side, we’ve essentially revolutionised what we’ve done there. There’s so much to go into – a persistent clan competition, avatar customisation, leaderboards, a co-operative campaign… the list goes on!

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