Exclusive Interview: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Exclusive Interview: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings -2-

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THGTR: So we can say that there will be a grey world waiting us which is full of morally questionable characters, violence and dark stories. Can we say that the actions we take in the game will have more effects on game world and the storyline this time?

Tomasz Gop: I think so – depending on player’s choices, some of the locations in the game will remain closed, so one would need a second playthrough in order to see every place in the game. Same goes for characters, sidequests… and sex even!

THGTR: Ah, how about sexuality? I know that  Andrzej Sapkowski’s Geralt is a real “womanizer”, but i would like to know that will romance and sexual themes be more integrated to the storyline this time?

Tomasz Gop: That was our goal for sure. The feedback we got from the first game was more-less like “ok, the storyline was mature and cool, but those sex-cards… some on, guys!”. So, yeah, we needed to re-approach this topic. There are no more cards and even though there are both serious and… rather passing acquaintances, all of them have been depicted in more cinematic ways. And whenever possible, more strictly bound to the storyline.

THGTR: If I’m not wrong I’ve read that there will be 16 different endings. Is that true?

Tomasz Gop: Yup, true. We actually look at this as 16 different states of the game’s world at the end of the story. Some of the factors will be huge, some other smaller, but overally – there are 8 main more-less binary facts that differentiate the outcome of The Witcher 2.

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THGTR: I know there is plenty of time until release. But can you tell us approximately how long will it take an avarage player to finish The Witcher 2?

Tomasz Gop: I’d say that average player that finished The Witcher 1 will spend the same amount of time with The Witcher 2. On one hand, the sidequests are less about running-around this time, but on the other – locations are bigger and with the new engine, they just look so nice that exploration is pure fun and should take quite a lot of time anyways.

THGTR: Are you considering a way to attract new players to The Witcher 2 which don’t know the storyline of the first game? Or will it be mandatory to devour first game to understand what’s going in the new game?

Tomasz Gop: The Witcher 2 is a game of its own. I mean, anyone who played the first part should feel rewarded after importing the savegame from TW1 and seeing the consequences being reflected in the sequel, but generally, no one will feel lost if he hadn’t played the previous game. The storyline of The Witcher is pretty much closed, so opening a new game brings a totally new experience. Story-wise too.

THGTR: Ok, so how big is the game going to be? Especially open areas?

Tomasz Gop: My rough estimation is two-three times bigger than the previous one.

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