Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview With Eidos Montreal

Without doubt Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the most striking and deeply satisfying experiences in recent years. Not only with its multi-path gameplay that combines RPG, stealth-action, and FPS elements, but also with the deep storyline that takes us to the limits of human evolution and the dark world of the future full of conflicts.

Ok, it’s been more than two months since the game came out, but I’m sure the game still has an impact on many of us. Thus, I decided to make a postmortem interview with the game director Jean-François Dugas about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Well it was a good one.

I also asked a question about Eidos Montreal’s new project, which is Thief 4 (but i’ve failed to get an answer :p). 

THG: Deus Ex is considered to be one of the best PC games of all times with its multi-path gameplay and deep, convincing storyline. How did this situation affect Eidos Montreal team while creating Deus Ex: Human Revolution? For example did you have any worries about not coming up to expectations? Especially considering the second game, Invisible War’s not being so popular among the fans and still drawing so many fires – no matter how I liked it.

Eidos montreal jean francois dugas - gamedirector

Jean-François Dugas

Dugas: We definitely had pressure. There was the external pressure where people were saying “don’t f*ck it up!“, (laughs) In the end, we were the ones putting the most pressure on ourselves. We were dedicated and commited to deliver the best Deus Ex experience we could. The game is not perfect by any means but I’m very proud because we did everything we could to make Deus Ex: Human Revolution a special game.

THG: I can easily say that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is catching the spirit of the first game in many ways, like design philosophy, sense of exploration, narrative, character structure and atmosphere. I’m sure everyone who played the first game would agree me only if they weren’t turn into some gruff old people. How did you achieve the goal of creating an experience that satisfies the old fans and soaks up the newcomers at once?  What were the biggest challanges that you faced while creating the game?

Dugas: When we started the project, the first thing we did was to return to the old Deus Ex games and play them again. We were first hour fans but we needed to take a step back and remove our fanboy goggles. So, we analyzed the hell out of the games, trying to really understand their core tenets before brainstorming a new game. I think this was key in designing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It helped us in avoiding the trap of focusing our attention on inconsequential things.

The biggest challenge we faced was to reinvent the franchise at the same time as we were building the Eidos-Montreal studio and the Deus Ex team.

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